Lush Kitchen: What it is and what can you eat it with?


I would like to get two things out of the way, yes, I realize this is the nth blog post in a row about Lush, but I love Lush, I am addicted to it, and that's what I find easiest to blog about, especially when my health is not completely back to normal yet. Secondly, this title sounds terrible as it is translated directly from my language, but I don't know the equivalent, so this will have to do.

My Lush collection is growing rapidly, and sometimes I think I have too much, but then I watch Allthingslushuk, and AllweknowisPhil, and realize that's not too much at all. I have told myself as long as it fits in two boxes, I am good to go. I have yet to fill the second box :).

Staff at my local Lush won't let me lie, I am very much into Lush Kitchen. I am also as nice as to go an extra mile and share the things I get with them, so they can play with them on Saturdays :). If you are reading this, chances are you already know what Kitchen is, but you might be new to Lush, and need a break down, so I will try to give you one. Don't expect too much though as I am terrible at explaining.

Lush Kitchen is basically a project run every week, where they release couple of items from a special menu. You can find that menu on their Facebook page, right here. Menu goes up every Friday around three p.m Greenwich mean time (around five p.m Lithuanian time), but it can vary and be earlier or later, and it will be for sale following week, starting Monday and all other weekdays at eight a.m GMT, which is ten a.m. Lithuanian time. The only issue I have with it, is that it won't accept any of my cards, so I have to phone every single time, but most of the products are worth it, and the staff is usually very helpful, so it is inconvenient but not impossible. Everyday features two or three products, and they can vary from bath bombs to shower gels and jellies to cleansers and massage bars. I am a sucker for shower jellies, because I find them the most innovative product on earth and they are fun to use. I do need a separate post on those, don't I? When ordering from The Kitchen, bare in mind, that more popular products goes as soon as you blink so you want to be right on the clock, and order it as soon as it is released.

It might be risky ordering without having an opportunity to smell the product, and it sometimes might end up being a miss, but the longer you have been into Lush, the better your nose adapts to various scents and you learn to live with it. If you absolutely can't stand it, there are plenty of Lush communities on Facebook where you can trade or even sell the ones you absolutely loathe or simply decide don't need in your life. I have done it only once to be honest, but it has been successful.

Kitchen allows you to discover products you never knew existed, or your new found loves, as it has been the case with this awesome product, Until I got into the kitchen, I never knew what buttercream was, but after buying "Lemslip", now I do, and do I need to tell you that it is also one of the best existing products, and now I need it in every scent, because the texture and the way it feels on your body is indescribable.

In the Kitchen you can usually find products, that are seasonal, the ones which hasn't been out for a while, and all other kinds of rare items, which if you are (or want to be) true Lush collector just must get your hands on. One of those items, is Ghost shower gel, featured below, which Stumble Puppy was kind enough to get me as a treat while I was in the hospital. I will of course do a separate review on it, because it has a special place in my heart.

Kitchen products are also special, because each of them comes with a Polaroid, featuring a person who made it, and even with the time stamp on it. It is quite nice to see the person behind the product, and sometimes it can be smile inducing photos, as well you are sure as hell, it has been made fresh. I can't quite figure out what to do with them yet, but I do know other people are crazy for them, so if you have any ideas, please let me know!

I believe I have covered everything, but if you are new to Lush, or even after this post, still have questions, do not hesitate and I will try to assist you the best I can!

P.S. Lush Kitchen is undergoing a change, therefore this post is no longer accurate. I will do a different post once everything settles, and it is clear how the new system works.

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